Our interests are widely varied - keeping us quite busy!

A bit About Us...

but not quite enough to make you quit wondering!

About Richard and Laura ... We met in 2003 and have been happily married since 2006. Oddly enough, we share the same quirky (oftentimes warped) sense of humor that is credited to family genetics, and therefore not always fully under control.

We are both warm-hearted animal lovers, but differ widely in our opinions of sushi.

Richard moved to NM from California, and still has to get used to the slower-paced life in the desert at times. He enjoys fast cars, fine tequila, Italian Mastiffs, building computers, saltwater aquariums, fishing (not in the aquariums though), and he just can't pass up a good plate of sushi.

Laura was born in Michigan, although she grew up in New Mexico (after being transplanted to the middle of the dessert at the tender young age of 5). When she's not doing graphic and website design, she can usually be found out working with the dogs (Italian Greyhounds & mastiffs bigger than she is) or enjoying the horses. She's the oldest in a family of 12 children, and credits her warped sense of humor to family genetics & fun times growing up.

We live in New Mexico, known as the Land of Enchantment, in the Rio Grande valley near the river bosque and big cottonwood trees, and just a brief drive from the Sandia Mountains. Despite the fact that NM became the 47th state in the USA in 1912, we still laugh about the multiple inquiries we receive asking if we can 'export' our dogs to the US, and if they understand English or have been trained with Spanish commands!

Richard enjoys the cooler weather. Laura likes the warmer seasons. We both enjoy the solitude, and agree we could do without the mud-bogging required to get down our driveway when it rains!

About Time Acres is home to our family of four children, assorted dogs, horses, a mule, a large saltwater tank and a large discus tank. We keep quite busy with many interests and hobbies - visit some of Our Websites for more details!